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In October 2013 Kevin found through changes in personal events that he faced Christmas Day alone for the first time in his life and realising he wouldn’t be the only person in the same situation.
With the help of a close friends, they set out to find other people facing the same issue and plans were made to help others.

As a result of a lot of begging, scrounging and kind donations food was gathered and guests were invited - the 'thought became reality'.​

Christmas Day

Kevin opened his home to 7 guests, and he cooked them a 3 course Christmas Lunch. All food and presents were donated by friends, members of a Facebook Group, Derby Gift Recycle & Free and Kevin's local shop, Bembridge Convenience Store and support was given by Wayne Marrow to collect all the donations.
After a traditional 3 course Christmas Lunch and a snooze Kevin's guest went home with 'big doggie bags' to enjoy on Boxing Day.
Please note due to circumstances, which will not enter into, the children's faces have been removed by request from their parents​. 
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Boxing Day Buffet

With plenty of food left over from Christmas Day and more donations arriving by the hour Kevin made a buffet and invited all of his friends and the people who  had donated to come and join him to finish off the food and have a chat, a laugh and a drink or two.
It was a 'bring a bottle party' which turned out to be a fantastic night.

The surplus food was donated to Street Safe, a group from Derby who feed the homeless, via their 'street kitchen', three nights a week.

New Year's Eve

Another time not be alone.
Thanks to the generosity of  Bembridge Convenience Store, who donated all the food and drink Kevin hosted a NYE party at his home with selected guests, who enjoyed a buffet, drinks, some company and together they welcomed in the New Year. Surplus food was donated to a local group who feed the homeless.

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These events, along with overwhelming support received and the need for such events lead to the formation of Derby in Need and The Christmas Project