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Our plans for 2019 were to continue doing what ‘we do so well’ with the Bread Run, Food Bank Scheme and the Christmas Project but also add more community based projects plus another big venture for Derby.


Mother’s Day Lunch
Due to popularity of our Mother’s Day Lunch, this year we had to host two separate sittings to accommodate all guests.

All Mummies received a free 3 course meal and kiddie’s meals were only £2.00 each for a 3 courses.

In total we served 82 3 course meals, 36 to Mummies and 46 to their kiddies.

The School's Out Café
On Monday 15th April we re-opened our School’s Out Café again at Osmaston Park Community Centre.
When first opened in 2017 the aim of the café was to provide low cost nutritional meals to impoverished families.
This year thanks to another generous donation from the Asda Foundation, we set up a new membership scheme.
The  new Membership Scheme allowed ‘kiddie’ members a free main course meal, when with parents/guardians and adult members a half price main course meal every day that the café was open.

As a result we served 83 breakfasts, 301 half price adult meals, 452 free kiddies’ meals, 267 desserts and 386 non inclusive sides.

Easter Party, Egg Hunt & Disco
On Sunday 21st we hosted our Easter Sunday Fun Day, where all kiddies received free Easter Eggs from the Easter Bunny, a free buffet and drinks and a disco. However, this year we added a twist, where the kiddies had to hunt for an ‘egg token’ and then choose which of our two Easter Bunnies to visit. One bunny was a kind one, giving really nice eggs, the other wasn’t so kind and only gave small eggs but we made sure everyone received and egg and was happy.
The eggs were donated by the Asda Foundation, Asda Spondon and Asda Sinfin.

St George's Day Celebration
23rd April - St George’s Day was celebrated in conjunction with the​ School’s Out Café being open with a special menu for the day and this year our ‘dragon for the slaughter’ was a cake, as previously we had had complaints about slaying a real dragon.

Derby Community Radio (DCR)
On 4th May we helped launch a unique online radio station for the residents of Derby and the venue for the launch was Asda Spondon. DCR has since grown to such an extent that it is now a Community Interest Company (CIC) in its own right, registered in England & Wales No 12156251. We were very proud to be part of the set up and creation of DCR and wish it well for its future.
May School's Out Café
27th May saw the re-opening of our School’s Out Café with 89 breakfasts, 124 adult half price meals, 322 kiddies free main course meals, 255 desserts, 6 inclusive sides, 152 non inclusive sides and 255 desserts being served.

Father's Day
Father’s Day, 16th June was celebrated by a BBQ where Daddies received free food and drink and once again we had our Mega Meal challenges which are available to view here (opens with a new web page)

Summer School's Out Café
29th July - the first day of 5 weeks of our School’s Out Café.
However, after one week of opening travellers entered the park resulting in us having to close the café for two weeks but on Monday 19th August, with the travellers gone, the café re-opened.
During the time we were open, which totalled 24 days, we served 79 breakfasts, 415 adult half price meals, 1039 free kiddies main course meals, 488 desserts, 50 inclusive sides and 1155 non inclusive sides.

Other Summer Events
During the summer holidays we also hosted other events including weekly Teddy Bear’s Picnics and Stay and Play days to entertain the children of our members.​


School's Out Café
28th October saw the re-opening of the School’s Out Café which resulted in our serving 12 breakfasts, 97 adult half price main meals, 290 kiddies free main meals, 223 desserts, 14 inclusive sides and 389 non-inclusive sides. The weather wasn’t in our favour that week.
Halloween Party
27th October. This year’s theme was Hotel Transylvania with a specially prepared ‘character based’ menu including:
Mavis’s meaty burgers
Kiddies - A 2oz burgers, Adult – a 4oz burger, all drown in blood red sauce 
Dracula’s Burgers
for adults only - made with real blood
Frankenstein’s Fingers
‘American style hot dogs’ served in a hot dog bun with blood sauce which were available in two sizes, small for kiddies or large for adults.
Stan’s Bugs & Spiders
Scary pork, beef and pasta spiders with beef and pork bugs served with blood red spaghetti and spooky sauce.

Quasimodo’s MummiesPork sausages wrapped in puff pastry with scary faces served with a blood red dipping sauce.

Griffin’s GruelInvisible ‘soup’ available only if you can find it and we’ll serve it with garlic bread to keep Dracula away.

Chrystal’s Smiling NuggetsChicken nuggets that smile served in Chrystal’s special ‘horrible’ sauce.

Wanda’s wicked wormsSpecially cooked to order for anyone brave enough to try them. 
A cold finger buffet was also available


In total 126 guests joined us for the free food mentioned plus scary games and a family disco.

Please note all items on this menu including the names are Copyright Derby in Need CIC 2019 and permission must be requested before using them. Full menus and ingredients are available on request.

The Christmas Project
This year because of the popularity, expansion of detail and increase in guests numbers we decided to only host two events.

Part One - Family Christmas Party
15th December saw our ‘now famous’ Christmas Party were 132 guests joined us for festive fun, food, disco

and of course, Santa came along to give gifts to all the children with the help of his special character guests.

Tickets for the party were ‘snapped up’ within two hours of them being available.
All the gifts were donated by a local business man.

Part Two – Christmas Day Lunch
Thanks to the generosity of its owners, Bruno and Amanda, Christmas Day Lunch was held at Alfie’s Pub in Spondon, Derby using their state of the art kitchen and function room. 122 guests were scheduled to join but due to illness and other factors we served a traditional 4 course Christmas Lunch to 82 sit down guests plus 29 volunteers and we delivered meals to 42 people that couldn’t join us.
In addition to the donations received from the Asda Foundation (which paid for event), Asda Spondon, Asda Sinfin we also received donations from the Unite Union members at Rolls Royce PLC, Derby, the Rolls Royce Walkers and Cycling Club plus we received a fantastic donation of 90 ‘Shoe Box Gifts’ from a local group on Facebook (who wish to remain anonymous).
We were also inundated with offers of help and on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In total 52 volunteers gave up their time to help make sure everything was as ‘perfect’ as it could be for the day.
Feedback we have received stated that ‘this was the best Christmas Day Lunch ever’.

Once again we would like to thank everyone that helped or donated this year with any event. Without you all these events wouldn’t have taken place and so many our guests would have had a ‘sad lonely’ Christmas.