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Our Christmas Project for 2020 has had be changed due to COVID-19.
So this year instead of doing what we 'normally do' we have changed our plans to include the following but all competitions are only available to members of Enlivening on Facebook who register 'to become a member' on this website using their Facebook profile.

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Come and join us with DCR for a festive fun party night.
Along with all your favourite Christmas songs we have live competitions including visits from Santa during the show plus we will announce the winners of our Christmas Hamper and other competitions.

The Christmas Project is made up of three events, hosted, organised and paid for by Derby in Need CIC.

Each event is a private party with pre-allocated tickets and all are free for our invited guests.

For the first two years of the Christmas Project we took our guests our for a pre-Christmas meal, cooked a traditional Christmas Day lunch on Christmas Day and hosted a family New Year's Party but after discussion with our members we changed the pre-Christmas meal to a Family Christmas Party as it was better value for money and we accommodate more guests and spread the fun further.
The Family Party and NYE Party we're designated for our members only whilst Christmas Day Lunch was available to any resident of Derby.
Over the years we have spent the bulk of the money we have received on these events, in total around £10,000 but we feel it has all been money well spent.
However, due to COVID-19 we are unsure what we are doing this year but current plans, pending changes in the COVID laws are:
A Multi Themed Family Party

As we have had to cancel so many events this year we thought 'let's combine them all in one big party' So instead of just having a Christmas theme, this years party, (if it happens) will contain elements including Mother's Day, Easter, St George's Day, Father's Day and Halloween plus of course Christmas.
Christmas Day Lunch
Always the hardest event to 'pull-off' as year by year we change venue, partially by choice, partially so we can spread the Christmas spirit all around Derby.
However, COVID has set us a major challenge this year, not only in finding a venue but the uncertainty of what will change due to COVID.
Ideally we would like to do what we have every year....find a venue and give our guests a day to remember by cooking them a home-cooked traditional 4 course Christmas Lunch, entertainment and of course presents from Santa. 

Other thoughts we have are to find a restaurant or pub who will accommodate what we want rather than us being told what to expect as Christmas Day is special and many of our guests would have been spending at home on their own and a 'quick two hour trip to the pub' just isn't good enough but finding such a pub is like seeking 'rocking horse droppings', as all pubs see Christmas Day as one of their biggest money spinners!

Then, of course, there is the cost of eating out £45-195 a head (excluding drinks).
Typically we work on a budget of £2,000 for Christmas Day, which at the lowest prices means we can only take 45 guests out for a 'quick lunch'.

Last year we cooked lunch for 82 seated guests and delivered 32 meals within the budget plus many of our guests were 'collected and dropped off' and more than half spent over 6 hours with us, 15% spent less than 3 hours and 2% (due to medical reasons) just joined us for the meal.

New Year's Eve Party
After the year we've had with COVID-19 we are certain that many people will want to see 'the old year out and the New Year in'
We are currently working on plans, pending COVID law changes to host a massive party, with a disco and finger buffet plus lots of fun games and, with the right location, a quiet place for kiddies to have a sleep.