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The Origins

In October 2013 our managing director, Kevin, found his plans for Christmas had changed and he was facing being alone on Christmas Day. 

Knowing he couldn't the only person

to be in this situation, with the help of a friend they set about creating what is now our flagship event - Christmas Day Lunch

but it extended to much more.

What began as thought has now developed to help 1000's of residents in Derby in various ways including the Bread Basket, Food Bank Scheme, The Christmas Project, School's Out Café, Café DinDin 

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Derby in Need begins

After entertaining his guests for lunch on Christmas Day Kevin found himself with a lot of food that wasn't eaten and he decided to invite friends round for a Boxing Day buffet and after being donated more food he hosted a small NYE party, again with a buffet, at his home to create some joy for his single friends.
During the NYE's party a thought came into his head....

"why not do this every year?"
So in February 2014 he set up a Facebook group and The Christmas Project.

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Christmas Day Lunch 2013

Seeking and receiving help from friends and a lot of begging Kevin opened his small flat to celebrate Christmas Day with a family of 5 and two single men.
The food for the day was donated by the members of a Facebook Group, Derby Gift Recycle and Free and local businesses and the guests were found through word of mouth by referral.
Christmas Tea was planned but all of the guests had eaten too much lunch, so they were sent home with very large 'doggie bags' to enjoy another time.  
Left over food was used on Boxing Day.

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The Christmas Project

In February 2014 Derby in Need Christmas Project was set up as Facebook group with a Constitution and Committee members to oversee the future.
After setting up the group our future was 'set in stone' and The Christmas Project was set up to with three definitive goals:

- A pre Christmas Lunch for families 'in need' in Derby

- Christmas Day Lunch for the elderly, disabled and lonely residents of Derby

and a NYE Family Party for our members and their friends to come and enjoy.

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Our progress and expansion

Year by year we have found reasons to expand what we do to help the residents of Derby.
Here is a brief yet somewhat detailed list of the changes over the years.
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The Creation of Derby in Need and The Christmas Project
The Christmas Project gets bigger

The start of the Bread Run and The Food Bank Scheme. The Easter Bunny said hello and lets not forget the growing Christmas Project

A 'one off' Mega Cosmetic Giveaway, Derby in Need CIC, Mother's Day Lunch, Easter Party, the opening of Café DinDin (now the School's Out Café), St George's Day celebration, Lunch Clubs, Halloween Party, Noel's Bring and Buy Sale and the new Christmas Project including Kiddies Christmas Party, Lunch Club Christmas Meal, Christmas Day Lunch, NYE Party and multiple catering events

Mother's Day Lunch, Friday after School Café, Easter Party & Disco, The new School's Out Café, St George's Day Party & Disco,

Father's Day BBQ with Big Eat Challenges, The T.E.S.C.O. café, Kiddies Halloween Party, (The Christmas Project 2018) included Lunch Club Christmas Meals, Kiddies Christmas Party, Christmas Day Lunch and NYE Party

The New School's Out Café, Easter Party, Disco & Egg Hunt, St George's Day Celebration, Father's Day BBQ, more School's Out Café during the Summer and October holidays, a themed Halloween Party and of course the Christmas Project 2019

Let's not go there? School's Out 
Café in February, then COVID-19 hit us hard