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 2020 - THE PRESENT 

The Year of COVID-19 and 'unwanted changes'

Our plans for 2020 were to continue doing what ‘we do so well’ with the Bread Run, Food Bank Scheme, School’s Out Café  and the Christmas Project but also add more community based projects plus another big venture for Derby but unfortunately COVID-19 gripped the nation and most plans we’re shelved.

However, until COVID-19 took its grip we managed in February to open our School's Out Café as usual
Monday 17th saw the re-opening of the café with new menus to accommodate the colder weather.
During the week we served 102 adult main course meals, 171 free kiddies main course meals, 18 breakfasts, 223 desserts,

304 inclusive sides and 13 non inclusive sides.

And then came COVID-19. Due to it and government restrictions we had to cancel events including:
March - Mother’s Day Lunch
April -Easter Sunday Party & Egg Hunt, Easter School’s Out Café, St George’s Day Celebration

May - VE Day Celebration Tea Party, School’s Out Café

June - Fathers Day BBQ & Disco

July - School’s Out Café, End of School Disco

and sadly all other plans for 2020 have been shelved until we get the ok from relevant bodies to continue

Also due to COVID-19 we had to restrict the collection of donations from M&S, Intu and M&S Simply Food and

restricted the Food Bank Scheme to ‘existing customers’ only. As COVID-19 hit we were also denied the right, after 4 years, to collect food surplus from some suppliers, as they chose to donate it to the new Derby Covid-19 Food Bank Scheme, resulting in the Bread Basket being closed down for the foreseeable future.

Our catering division Café DinDin has also temporarily been closed down resulting in us having to cancel 21 buffets and 3 hot food catering events.

What did we do instead?
In light of having to cancel so many events and to bring some joy to our members we hosted seven on-line quizzes during the Easter holidays, with prizes for our winners, which included ‘delivered’- Take-away meals, Easter Eggs, Cakes for birthdays and lots of other goodies.

Post COVID-19 plans for 2020
We still have plans for 2020 (all pending due to COVID-19 restrictions)

The Food Bank Scheme - continues to operate but on a smaller basis.
The Grand Party - A multi themed party to catch up on what we have had to cancel this year, a mish-mash of all the events in one massive fun evening.
Halloween Party - More Halloween fun and games

The Christmas Project
As we are presently unsure of what the COVID-19 laws will allow us to do we are planning a number of options for events including resorting to hosting just one event:
Christmas Day Lunch

Due to COVID-19 this year instead of cooking for our guests we plan to be taking a limited number of guests out for Christmas Day Lunch at a local, accommodating venues. 
However, the costs of taking guests out for meals is expensive and this event will only happen with 
appropriate funding and local pubs/restaurants being willing to accommodate our requirements, not us fitting onto their 'conveyor belt'.
We also hope to be able to deliver meals to guests that can't join us.

Other plans including the start of our Meals at Home service have been ‘put on ice’.

So far 2020 has proved a very difficult year but we are still here to help and we will strive to continue

and build on what we have achieved in the last 6 years.

On the Upside
Jude Thaddaeus
We are setting up something new and unique, which will change the lives of thousands of people who are dependent on drugs and are currently being failed by the existing system. Please click here to find out more.

Whilst having had to strip back what we do we are using the time afforded to us to re-think our future and find new avenues to help more of Derby’s residents in differing ways.