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With COVID still playing a big part in society, 2021 so far has seen little change from what we were doing in 2020.


We still operate a small Food Bank service, which is now restricted to current users. The majority of food donations being made by the customers at Asda Sinfin, Derby with occasional donations from local independent retailers.

Having been invited to join a wider network of food banks in Derby we have had to sadly say NO for the time being due not having a suitable base and volunteers plus health issues.

However the option is till open to us for the future.

All plans for events have been scrapped and for once we risk not being to do our Christmas Project due to a lack of funding, means of fundraising and support including a loss of 'vital' volunteers.

But we will make Christmas special for as many people as we can, one way or another, rest assured on that! and your donations will help.