The longer we operate and help the residents of Derby the more we find needs to be done to help, in different ways.

Since our birth we have moved from being a Facebook group organising three events at Christmas to a Community Interest Company (CIC) with multiple divisions/projects with a change of primary trading name to Enlivening. Derby in Need CIC will remain the umbrella company for all divisions.

Whilst continuing to do what we do now our 5 year plan incorporates new permanent premises, a recruitment drive, new ventures which will allow larger scale targeting of our primary customer base, the elderly and lonely and the creation of our own social club and restaurant and the foundation of a network/business to support substance abusers in a brand new way.


YEARS 1 – 2
Find and secure new premises and funding which will allow the start a small localised ‘Meals at Home Service’. Initial customers will come from our ‘database’ of existing Food Bank Scheme and Bread Basket customers. With the correct premises we will also re-start Lunch Clubs and start ‘Afternoon Tea parties’ and ‘social parties’ with transport being provided for our guests.

Included in the phase of growth are the purchase/lease/donation of a handicap adapted minibus and two vans for delivery of the hot Meals at Home. 

Jude Thaddaeus

Currently in the UK the main support available to substance abusers is a programme of rehabilitation using alternative substances such as methadone. Whilst there are groups who interact with users and give support there is nothing more. Jude Thaddaeus (hereinafter known as JT) will provide support, counselling, short term accommodation and most importantly a unique programme to mentally re-habilitate users bringing their life back to normal. One of the goals of JT is to be supportive to the extent that it completely changes the lives of our clients and we will follow them through a new course in life and still be there if they need continued support. JT will be a massive undertaking requiring large amounts of funding and the support we already have will ensure the project works, not only in the short term but for the rest of time.

The Meals at Home Service.
In the latter years of the twentieth century many council including Derby City Council abolished the Meals on Wheels Service which provided a hot meal a day to elderly and disabled people. The WRVS (now Royal Voluntary Service) took over the service in Derby but upon renewal of their permit were out bid by a company, who quickly realised they had under bid and closed the service down. Red tape has prevented any tenders being made to re-start the service.
The RVS still offer the service in parts of the country but it is restricted by where people live and Derby is not included, nor are there any plans to bring it back.
In addition to providing the customers with a balanced hot meal the service was also a point of contact and a daily safety check too.
Out initial plans are to set up a small scale operation to provide 20 – 30 customers with a hot meal around 5pm daily, with a menu to allow choice and to accommodate dietary needs. Once proven and functioning correctly the next step of our plan will be to expand the service to include 2 meals a day, be it breakfast and dinner or breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner.
Longer term we will be able to provide 3 meals a day and once approved by the authorities the service will be self funding and will employ approximately 20 salaried staff and 50 volunteers.

This year will be a year of consolidation and reflection allowing us to ensure what we are doing is being done to the best effect and economically too, whilst looking into new initiatives.
Subject to the success of JT, Derby in Need CIC will on written request from agreed parties change their status to become a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) to allow easier access to funding from sources unavailable to a CIC.
All current projects will continue and some including The Meals at Home scheme will be extended to wider areas.
JT will continue to operate in Derby and additional funding will be sought to expand the project outside of Derby.

YEARS 4 - 5
Following a year of consolidation Enlivening will become a ‘stand alone’ CIC allowing it to expand its projects to nearby counties (including Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire) without restriction.
JT will continue to expand nationwide as a CIC and then a CIO with a possibility of it becoming a franchised business.


Fundamentally the core projects will continue but in addition we will continue to look for new ways to provide help and support to those who need it.