The Food Bank

Unlike most food banks our scheme is totally independent and free from the rigours of local or national government red tape meaning we decide who gets help not some autonomous body working to a set of guidelines set by a group of people who have no idea what poverty or being in need is about.
Due to the way we operate we used to class our food bank scheme as unique until COVID-19 came along and our template was adopted by many COVID-19 Food Banks countrywide -  that template being delivering food to those in need.

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Initially the Food Bank Scheme was set up to help the members of Derby in Need, but as time passed local authorities and other agencies saw that we had something different, something that provided help to people ‘rejected’ by the other food bank schemes in Derby. Rejection was typically based on ‘computer modelling’ which took no account of or dramatic changes in personal circumstances.
Typically to get help from a Food Bank the person needs to be referred to the Food Bank who will then assess their needs based on, as mentioned, ‘computer modelling’. If successful the ‘claimant’ would be given a voucher to go to an existing scheme and collect was typically one small carrier bag per adult and a quarter size bag per child ‘filled’ with basic items such as pasta, rice, baked beans, chopped tomatoes, some sugar, teas bags and perhaps some coffee.
No where near enough for three weeks nor to provide 3 meals a day
see Note 2 below)

How do we differ?
Apart from cutting through the red tape our Food Bank Scheme donates sufficient food to provide 3 meals a day per person for a week, delivered to their home.
Aside of the usual pasta, rice etc we can, thanks to our suppliers, provide not only tinned produce but fresh produce too, including fresh vegetables, meat, fish and bread  and we can cater for people with special dietary requirements which most food banks cant.
Out typical ‘food parcel’ provides each member of the household with provisions to have a breakfast, a mid day meal, maybe a sandwich and a bag of crisps/snacks and a hot meal with fresh/frozen meat and vegetables (with nutritional cooking instructions if needed) plus fresh fruit and 'nibbles too'.
In addition we help six (6) times in a calendar year unlike most established scheme that will only help four times a year.


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Where does the food come from?
Daily we collect surplus food from a number of sources but our main donators are M&S Intu, Derby, M&S Simply Food, Royal Hospital, Derby, Lidl, Chaddesden, Derby, Birds the Bakers (from a number of their shops 6 days a week), Asda Sinfin, Derby weekly via their Food Bank donation scheme and Lidl, Chaddesden weekly through their Food Bank Donation scheme plus we receive other donations from local retailers and random donations from food production companies in Derby.
Between all of the collections we make we are in a position to provide ambient/non-chilled food items including ‘cupboard foods’ such as cereal, tinned products, plain and luxury biscuits, savoury and sweet pastries, crisps and snacks, sauces, cook in sauces and daily chilled essentials such as bread, milk and butter, plus other chilled food including fresh meat, vegetables, pre prepared salads, pre prepared pasta dishes, fresh fruit and prepared fresh fruit, dairy and delicatessen items such as cold meats, pizzas, fresh fish and ready meals plus non food items such as toilet rolls, sanitary wares, baby products, hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, tooth brushes and cleaning products, wash powder and lots more including seasonal products and gifts. As the products we receive are donated we are not allowed to sell them or attempt to make a profit from them, so all must be passed on to our customers.

Do we charge to use our Food Bank Scheme?
Our Food Bank Scheme is free to anyone who qualifies to use it.

We don’t nor ever will charge anyone to obtain food etc from the scheme.
However we do have restrictions on the amount of times we can help in a calendar year.
As a Not for Profit company we are here to help and any costs we incur are covered by donations or fundraising.


What you can do to help
As a Business
If you own a food business, retail shop and find your business regularly has food surplus or food coming close it's 'Use by' or 'Best Before' date and are willing to make regular donations we can make arrangements to collect on an agreed basis, be it once a week, once or month or every day. We have storage facilities for fresh, frozen and ambient foods and all fresh produce is either delivered the same day or refrigerated and delivered the following day. To find out more please email us
As an individual or to make a cash donation

If you are an individual or want to donate cash the best way is via PayPal using the link below. Any donation, no matter how large or small would be welcome.