The Chilli Dog Challenge

For Father's Day in 2018 we decided to set up a challenge with a difference.....
to eat four American style hot dogs, served in a roll each with a slice of cheese, fried onions and an increasingly hot chilli sauce. Doesn't sound too hard?
Guests had to pre-book to enter and sign a health disclaimer but we decided not to serve fries with every course, but all contestants received on 500g bowl at the start of the challenge.
Entrants were not allowed to drink anything other than whole milk during the challenge, as there would be risk of intensifying the strength of chilli sauces but whole milk and natural yogurt was available to everyone to 'cool the palate'
We had eleven entrants who liked hot food.
Round One 
A jumbo 'American style' hot dog, served with a slice of cheese and fried onions covered in hot chilli sauce in a  bun, all entrants finished eating and with 'baited breath' waited for the next round.

At this point we'd like to say that we have a 'wicked sense of humour' and have been known to be over dramatic at times.

Round Two
Another jumbo American style hot dog served with a slice of cheese and fried onions but with a hotter sauce made from hot chilli and spicy mustard. All but one entrant finished but we lost one entrant who sat and drank four pints of ice cold milk whilst watching the rest to cool his mouth down.
Round Three

Round three and the heat goes up again but the size of the hot dog decreases.
As the Carolina Reaper chilli paste is so incredibly hot all remaining entrants and anyone else wanting to try it was given a very small sample (the tip of a wooden stirrer) of the Carolina Reaper paste so they knew what to expect and everyone was again given a warning about how incredibly hot it is and the likely effect it would have on them if, for example they rubbed it in their eyes.

At this point safety glasses were issued to the remaining entrants and eye wash was placed within easy reach, just in case.
We also reminded them that had signed the health questionnaire and medical disclaimer and now was their penultimate chance to 'bail out, which three did based on the small sample alone. 
To add to the fun all the catering and serving staff donned 'forensic suits, face masks, eye protection and thick rubber gloves before serving Round Three. By this time there was considerable interest in the challenge so we moved venue from the café to the main hall and the entrants were designated a table with four pints of milk, a 500ml tub of natural yogurt, a glass and a large spoon and napkins plus a bin. 
Round Three was a large hot dog, not a jumbo one as we thought a jumbo with 'The Reaper' wouldn't be fair and 'The Reaper'' was delicately spread on the bread roll, all 12.5ml of it (a small teaspoon)
Slowly and cautiously the remaining contestants began to eat and very quickly went for the milk, plus we extended the time limit to 'eat it if you can'
Round Four - The Hot One
Down to two entrants - "don't tell us we can't stand the heat" they stated.
Final round, a medium hotdog, with a slice of cheese, fried onions coated in 50ml of The Reaper Sauce. 

We daren't give them any more.
At this point a 'non-entrant' asked to try the sauce but just on plain 'kiddies' hot dog, which we duly supplied before serving the remaining entrants.

So we duly gave him  a small hot dog with a slice of cheese and fried onions and a 'thin spread' of 'The Reaper Sauce.
Whilst the finalists were waiting he 'tucked into' his hot dog and after two bites, about a minute apart, threw the rest in the bin, gasping for cold milk and we heard (something similar to) "OMG that's ********** hot",. For obvious reasons we can't quote exactly what he said but he went on to say "that'll be in Australia in the morning after burning through the Earth".
The remaining to entrants had a laugh and entered in to banter with him which ended abruptly when their final challenge arrived and immediately both said 'is that it?'

Both entrants were asked if they wanted a 'eat it as you want' option or 'one bite at a time option, bearing in mind there was no time limit and the winner would be the one eating all of the hot dog (we knew they wouldn't finish it all).

After opting for 'a bite at a time' we flipped a coin to see who would go first and the winner, Andy started to eat, with Paul looking on. Initially he seemed to have to reaction but then very suddenly tears started to roll down his cheeks and he grabbed for the milk and asked for some napkins. For safety's sake we decided to 'mop up' his tears.

Paul's turn and he took a smaller bite and also tears began to run down his cheeks as he also grabbed for the milk. They looked at each other through tear ridden eyes and nodded, then came the confession, both Andy and Paul love very hot curries and often enter competitions like this one but admitted 'they had never had anything this hot'.
Andy took his second bite, a smaller bite and uttered 'this isn't real'. Paul's second bite was bigger than his first which he regretted and grabbed for the milk and this time, the yogurt. 
The bite by bite session went on for around an hour, with both Andy and Paul showing increasingly 'pained' looks and by now they both had about one quarter of the hot dog left to eat, at which point Andy gave up, closely followed by Paul and we left them to drink their milk (plus more) and eat the yogurt. 
After half an hour we went to check they were OK and asked for their thoughts. Both were OK but stunned how hot The Reaper was so we told them - see below.
As neither had completed the challenge we declared no winner but to thank them for taking part everyone was given the entry fee back and Andy and Paul were given a prize each.....a jar of The Reaper paste.

Carolina Reeper Chilli Sauce.jpg

The Carolina Reaper Chilli Paste (puree), made from the Carolina Chilli and mixed with cider vinegar and salt. 
The Carolina Reaper chilli is the worlds hottest - with a 'Scoville' rating of >9,000,000 (nine million). Compare that to Scotch Bonnet chilli which 'only' has 'Scoville' rating of around 300,000 or a standard red 'bell pepper' which has a rating of around 200.
Since we ordered the product the US FDA ordered the manufacturer to reduce the strength to 7,000,000 (seven million) due to health concerns but the strength of the product you can buy today is now only >2,200,000 (two million two hundred thousand) but it is still the worlds hottest chilli sauce.
Available from the one stop chilli shop for £4.95 + p&p for a 41ml jar (Price correct as of 28/08/2021)
Be warned this product is still very, very, very hot and not to be taken lightly. If serving to guests on its own you should warn your guests of how hot it is!
It can also be used to 'spice up' most meals including curries, spaghetti Bolognese or for making a mind blowing dip.