The Bread Basket

The function of the Bread Basket was to collect and pass on surplus bread loaves and cobs/rolls from local bakeries and supermarkets thus reducing wastage.
At its peak The Bread Basket was helping over 1000 families and over 250 elderly/disabled residents of Derby every week but due to COVID and changes in supplier agreements we have had to close down this part of our company for the foreseeable future.
Over the years the Bread Basket has proven to be a necessary part of what we do and was donating over 700,000 loaves of bread and over 485,000 bags of cobs/rolls a year with the volume increasing weekly.
But sadly COVID came along but we are still able to re-start this project, if we get the go ahead to do so. To quote the famous words 'We'll be back'

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Why did it mean so much to so many?
In the UK there are approximately 4.2 million children living in ‘child poverty’ and 1.9 million pensioners living in ‘adult poverty.
Over the years that the Bread Basket has been operating we have gathered masses of information from the residents of Derby and here are two quotes re what the Bread Basket means to people.
A quote from a single mum with four school age children
“The bread you gave us the other day allowed me so have enough money to buy my daughter socks for her school uniform, without her full uniform she would have been excluded from school. Thank you so much, it’s not a lot but it made the world of difference to my daughter”

On a daily basis 1000's of families have to make hard decisions where money is concerned and many have to choose between food, gas, electric or essential clothing.
A quote from an elderly man aged 85
“It may only be a loaf of bread or a bags of cobs but the money I saved not having to buy it gives me a few more pounds to spend on gas to keep me warm during the cold days”

Bread Waste

In the UK we waste 900,000 tonnes of bread every year.
This equates to around 24 million slices, or 1 million loaves, every day or almost 9 billion slices a year excluding cobs/rolls etc.(See Note 2 below)
That’s a LOT of bread waste.
In fact, almost half of all bread produced here in the UK, 44%, is thrown away after being produced before it can't be used  because of 'use by dates' or because people can't afford to buy such a staple item of food.
The vast majority of waste bread either ends up in landfill or is used at pig farms.
Our continued aim is to be forefront in the battle against food wastage, especially bread and by doing so pass the surplus onto the residents of Derby.
Let's not forget a loaf of bread or a bag of cobs/rolls can provide part of fun day out for a family, not only as a picnic but 'going to feed the ducks' at a local park or even in the birds in a back garden which creates nature studies for children.

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Information Sources (accurate at dates stated on the relevant websites)
Please note these details are not based on our information but are based on information stated by the posting bodies and Enlivening CIC accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the data.

Note 1: Child Poverty
Note 2: Bread Wastage
Note 3: OAP Poverty


The easiest way to help is to send us a donation, whether it be £1 or £1million.
In light of COVID-19 and the changes made by our suppliers we are currently negotiating trade deals with a number of local bakeries to buy discounted bread on a daily basis instead of receiving free bread etc.
You can donate via PayPal using the Donate button below.
Please be assured that every single penny we receive will be spent on helping the residents of Derby and not a single penny will be used for salaries/remuneration for our directors, but some may be used to cover expenses for our volunteers (based on HMRC Mileage Allowances)