More Mega Meal Challenges
All of the following challenges took place at our School's Out Café either for fun or on Father's Days over the years.

For the Kiddies
Well, we couldn't leave them out of the challenges and consent was obtained from their appropriate adult before starting the challenges.

The faces of the children have been obscured for safety and safeguarding reasons.

Kiddies Mini Burger Challange v1.jpg

Kiddies Mini Burger Challenge

Each challenger was given a Mini Meal consisting of four 2oz Cheeseburgers in 5 half burger buns, a regular portion of fries, unlimited tomato sauce and a 'tip top' drink.
There was no time limit to finish it all and all the food was free under our School’s Out Café Membership Scheme.
Alas, as with all our challenges featured on this page our brave trio (in the image) and the other fourteen that tried failed to finish it all but they did an outstanding job trying. Mum (of the three shown) said afterwards that

“she hadn't had to feed them until the following night”
All of the others that tried didn’t want their photos shown

Kiddies Fish Finger & Fries Challenge

Each challenger was given a Mini Meal consisting of 12 Fish Fingers and a standard portion of fries with unlimited sauce and juice to wash it down with.
There was no time limit to finish it all and all the food was free under our School’s Out Café Membership Scheme.
Alas, as with all our challenges featured on this page our brave challengers all failed to complete the challenge.

No one wanted their photos shown.

Fish Fingers & Fries v1.jpg
chicken nuggets & fries.jpg

Chicken Nugget & Fries Challenge
This challenge was a head to head for kiddies aged 12 to 17.
Once again consent was obtained from an appropriate adult before the challenge began.
Part One: Each challenger was given a plate of 12 Chicken Nuggets and a small portion of fries, with unlimited sauce and juice to wash it down with.
Part Two: after clearing their plate the challengers were asked if they wanted more and five said ‘yes’ and were given an additional 6 nuggets and another small portion of fries with more sauce and juice. 
Part Three: Down to two challengers (both aged 16) and the head to head began in earnest.
Both challengers were then given a plate of nuggets between them and they had to eat one at a time, alternatively until we found a winner. After eating part one and part two, then another 12 nuggets each we decided ‘enough was enough’ and declared both as winners after consulting their appropriate adult.
One said “I could have carried on eating them forever” but we had to draw a line and stop the challenge.
Once again all the food was free under our School’s Out Café Membership Scheme but no one wanted their photo shown due to safeguarding.


We had other challenges planned for the kiddies but no one wanted to challenge us so will save them for another time.

Other Adult Food Challenges

As with all our challenges everyone who took part did so by volunteering and signing to agree to do so.
Anyone beating the challenge would receive their money back, but no one did.

Father's Day 2018 Mega Cheese Bacon Burger Challenge

Entry Fee: £5.00 each. Time limit 15 minutes
Four 1/4lb beef burgers topped with melted cheese, freshly cooked bacon, sliced tomato, fresh lettuce

and a choice of onions or pickled gherkin served in two lightly toasted burger buns, accompanied by a large portion of chips and eight battered onion rings and to wash it all down a pint of ice cold milk or fizzy shandy. Alas, we had no winners but all challengers said it was value for money with Brian stating 

"I tried this challenge in London. It cost be me £16.This one was far tastier and better value for money"

mega breakfast baguette challenge.jpg

Father's Day 2018 Mega Breakfast Baguette Challenge

Entry Fee: £5.00 each. Time limit 15 minutes.
Eight jumbo pork sausages, eight rashers of bacon, eight slices of cheese plus hidden under everything else in the image, four scrambled eggs plus a 400g tin of chopped tomatoes all served in a 1m baguette with a large portion of chips, half a pint of orange juice and a pint of fizzy shandy.

Twenty challengers tried but no one beat the time limit but we allowed them to finish the meal with help from friends and family.
Jack said "It looked and sounded easy but it was the chips that beat me"

The Boiled Egg Challenge 
Entry Fee: £3.00 each. No time limit, but this was a head to head challenge.

Part One: Starting with a dozen (12) hard boiled eggs seven challengers had to eat them all and when finished were asked if they wanted to continue.
Part two: The remaining four challengers were given a 'sharing plate' of twenty for boiled eggs and one by one, taking turns, they had to eat as many as they could. Remember the film 'Cool Hand Luke?
Part three: with a twist, some of the eggs served with soft boiled and this challenge became rather messy for the last three challengers, but they wouldn't stop eating.
Part four: 'The extra twist. With two remaining challengers we changed the rules slightly, and the eggs were now served cold in their shells, but some were hard boiled, some soft boiled and some were raw.
Tony went first and chose a soft boiled egg and ate it, then it was Alan's turn, who unfortunately chose a raw egg and Tony was declared as the winner, but Alan in defeat and being a true sportsman said 
"At least I didn't end up with egg on my face but I couldn't eat a raw egg"


boiled eggs.jpg

Chef's Rarebit Challenge
Entry Fee: £3.00 each. Time limit 10 minutes.

Four doorsteps of toasted bread each covered with a base of four rashers of crispy bacon, topped with chopped tomatoes and finished with melted  mature cheddar cheese served with a choice of a pint of milk or orange juice. We had six challengers but completed the challenge in the time limit.

"Too much bread" one challenger said. What did they expect?

Chef's Welsh Rarebit Challenge.jpg

The Cereal Challenge

Entry Fee: £5.00 each. Time limit 20 minutes.

The challenge was to eat a 750g box of cereal (Cornflakes or Rice Krispies), 4 pints of milk and drink a pint of orange juice, tea, coffee or shandy.

Please note: the bowl cannot be lifted to drink the milk and the cereal must be eaten only using the spoon provided see front middle of image
We only had one challenger, Rick our senior volunteer (pictured) who chose Rice Krispies and alas he failed but we weren't exactly fair to him as he didn't know beforehand that his spoon would be so small.

He received his money back and two ice packs, one for each arm.
"I thought this was going to be no problem but when they showed me the spoon I thought ""your joking"". I enjoyed the challenge but had cramp in both arms afterwards"

Rick has learnt now to ask for full details of any challenge before agreeing to compete.

The Cereal Challenge.jpg
Sloppy Joe v3.jpg

Sloppy Joe's Challenge

Entry Fee: £5.00 each. Time limit 20 minutes.

Beef Sloppy Joe - Each 'Sloppy Joe' was made from four 4oz burgers griddled, chopped and further cooked in tomato & onion, BBQ or Chilli sauce.
Chicken Sloppy Joe -  Four whole 4oz chicken breasts, pan fried, chopped and further cooked in either garlic & tomato sauce or cheese & ham sauce.
All were served in a 9” 'dustbin lid' bun with a side of either a large portion of fries or chips or a large bag of Nachos.
Also included in the rules of the challenge was 'the use of cutlery isn't allowed and the plate must be clean to win'
This challenge ran for 5 weeks during our School’s Out Café 2019, we had 75 challengers but no winners. Some came very close and said
 "I wish I’d saved some bread to clean the plate”

Image shown is our Beef Sloppy Joe with tomato and onion sauce

The Half Yard of Ale Challenge

Entry Free. Strictly head to head.

Matched in pairs each challenger had to drink half a yard of ale (approximately 1 pint)

from a 'half yard of ale glass' without spilling any in the fastest time.
As the challenge was held at our Father's Day BBQ we opted to serve 0.5% shandy instead 
of ale as kiddies were present.

32 dad's took up the challenge and we ended up with identical times so a final head to head was set up. Click the image to see the video to see who won.
Please note this link will take you to one of our Facebook pages.

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Half yard of shandy 2.jpg

The Hot Dog Challenge

Entry Fee £5.00 per person. Time limit 20 minutes.

.The challenge set was to 4 American Style Jumbo Hot Dogs (all served in a bun with fried onions and a slice of cheese), each served slightly differently starting with just a 'plain' Jumbo Hot Dog with mild mustard and ketchup, the next with a mild sweet chilli sauce, the next with a hot tomato salsa sauce and to end the first phase a hot chilli sauce all served with a bowl containing 1kg of French Fries and a pint of either flavoured milk shake of choice.
Followed by a second 'wave' of Hot Dogs....two Jumbo American Style Hot Dogs with mustard, ketchup and onions, followed by two English 'Hot Dogs' aka Jumbo Pork Sausages served fried onions and half a pint of Shandy.
To beat the challenge all of the above must be consumed (eaten and drunk) by one person within the time allowed. 
Alas no one beat the challenge

4 American Hot Dogs.jpg

The Chilli Dog Challenge

Entry Fee £5.00. No time limit.

.The challenge set was to eat 4 American Style Jumbo Hot Dogs all served in a bun with fried onions and a slice of cheese each served slightly with an increasingly hot sauce.

We ensured as much milk as was needed was available and our challengers drank almost 30 pints plus eight  500ml tubs of plain natural yogurt.
The first course was served with hot chilli sauce, the second with a hot chilli and mustard sauce, third with a 'scraping of Carolina Reaper sauce and the final course was served with one teaspoon (50 ml) of Caroline Reaper sauce.
Click the image to see how the challenge went and find out more about the Carolina Reaper Chilli, the world's hottest.

4 American Hot Dogs.jpg

And to End

We hope you've enjoyed looking through our challenges.
All recipes are available on request but are not free. We charge £1 per recipe, payable by PayPal in advance.

Payment details will be sent prior to the recipes to the email you register with your request.