All of our Directors are unpaid volunteers sharing one goal

'to improve the lives of and to bring a little happiness to as many residents in Derby in any way we can'

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are always on the ball, utilizing their unique skills and passion to move the work of our Not For Profit Organization forward. We’re always pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the curve and striving to perfect our programs.
Meet our incredible leaders and volunteers below.
Due to persistent threats we have opted to use avatars instead of photographs.


Kevin Kemp. Managing Director.

Kevin Kemp
Managing Director

The founder of Derby in Need and leader of the pack, captain of the ship etc.
Kevin is highly educated and has spent most of his life running his own businesses but now due multiple medical conditions he has chosen to apply his vast experience and dedicate his life to helping the residents of Derby. Through hard work and determination Kevin has built the company from an idea in 2013 to where it is now. Despite his medical conditions he continues to inspire the team with his dedication and motivation to help others, resulting in nominations as a Hero of Derbyshire in consecutive years (2017 and 2018)

Our Directors

Teresa Peel
Operations Director

Teresa joined Derby in Need in 2015 as a volunteer and quickly showed her commitment to helping others.
Promoted to Operations Director in 2017 she has continued to prove her commitment to helping others with an unwavering determination to drive Derby in Need forward. Teresa is now in charge of our Food Bank Scheme and is a key person at our School's Out Café and all events we host.

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Ian Hallam
Entertainment Director (now non-executive)

Ian joined us as a director in 2017 after showing great enthusiasm as a volunteer DJ at most of our events.
He has a mass of experience and is trustworthy and fun to work with. These are just a few of the ways to describe this invaluable member of our team. Ian is truly a joy to be around and makes it a pleasure to come to work every single day and he is a significant part of the future of the company.

Anna Knowles
Creative Director

Anna joined the team in 2020 after proving her dedication as a volunteer. Prior to being appointed as a director she was a very exciting and capable volunteer at parties and is also a key person at our School's Out Café. Anna's attention to detail is paramount to her role and her ability to co-ordinate and ensure parties run smoothly is exemplary, which when added added to her attitude and determination to succeed, she is a big asset to our team. During COVID-19 Anna volunteered to help Teresa with the mass of requests we received for help from our Food Bank scheme.

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Gareth Joseph


Gareth is the latest director to be appointed. Over the years he has volunteered to be chef on Christmas Day catering for up to 100 people a time, but being an ex chef it didn't daunt him. In recent times Gareth approached the board with a unique idea to rehabilitate substance users and the decision was made to bring him and ideas on board.
He currently has daily operational control of Jude Thaddaeus, which will change the life's of thousands of people, not only in Derby but nationwide.

Pure Professionalism.
Like many not for profit groups volunteers play a major part in what we do so well. We wouldn't be were we are now without these outstanding people.
Everyone is a VIP member, receiving privileges as a thank you.


Start Up Committee Member & Ex-Director

Sharon is a founder committee member of Derby in Need and was a Director until November 2019. Over the years when she was a committee member and Director she raised £1000's to support what we do, but Sharon continues to work hard in the background to raise funds for us. Without her input and connections we wouldn't be what  we are now, nor would we achieved what we have


aka 'The Furniture'

With us from the start, Helen and David have been our longest supporters and never fail to attend any event.
Through their connections both have worked hard to secure £1000's of donations for many events.
Their support is one of the reasons that we have achieved so much.


Senior Volunteer

Ricky joined us at the same time as his wife Teresa did in 2015.
During that time he has helped at all events we have hosted and is an integral person in the Bread Basket and Food Bank Scheme.
His dedication and willingness to help is 'unbounded' and he is true asset to us.  Due to him being married to Teresa our constitution and Articles of Association state he cannot be a Director, otherwise he would be joining the Board instantly.



Senior Volunteer

Debbie is the epitome of what a volunteer should be!
She's been with us since 2015 and has a fully committed 'nothing barred' attitude to what we do.
Debbie helps out at our School's Out Café and has raised in excess of £3,000 through her hard work and dedication.
She is a true asset and a beautiful caring person.



School's Out Café Cook

Kelly joined the crew in 2018 helping serve meals and general duties at our Lunch Clubs.
Finding she enjoyed the friendship she very quickly offered to help. Through her dedication we funded her to obtain Level 2 Health & Hygiene. 
Now Kelly is a qualified cook and fundamental member of the School's Out Café and catering staff.


School's Out Café Volunteer

Julie joined the crew in 2018 helping serve meals and enjoying 'pot washing duties at our Lunch Club and School's Out Café.
She has been a stalwart volunteer always finding time to help whilst doing her duties as Community Colleague at Asda Sinfin. Julie has also made a significant difference by obtaining funding through the Asda Foundation.


Primary Event Venue

The Directors of Osmaston Park Community Centre have supported us since 2016 by giving free use of the centre for parties and events including use of the kitchen and café to allow us to open our School's Out Café
Such generosity has also allowed us host dozens of family themed parties, open Lunch Clubs, have a base for Café DinDin to operate from and much more. 


Without our ‘Silent Volunteers’ Derby in Need CIC would not have been able to achieve what we have done to date nor could we expand in the future. We call them the ‘Silent Ones’ as they do what they do without the need for public praise and many want to remain anonymous.

All Year Round
Amongst the ‘Silent Ones’ are our team of 92 people, our distributors, who on a weekly basis help us to pass on the food donations we receive through the Food Bank Scheme and Bread Basket.
Without them our reach in to the community would be far less, as would our awareness of people needing our help.

‘Ad Hoc’ Collectors and Deliverers
At busy times our regular staff can’t manage to be everywhere when needed and that’s when the ad hoc volunteers come into play. We are again very fortunate to have volunteers we can call on in busy times to help with collections and deliveries.

Christmas Day Lunch
Our biggest challenge every year is our flag ship event and ensuring with the 'staff' to cover all aspects of the event.
As we have grown more people hear about what we do to a point that we are also very fortunate to have people who volunteer ‘at random’ for our Christmas Day Lunch. Many volunteer with a ‘willing to do anything approach’ to the day.
Some are willing to help with the pre-Christmas shopping and prepping, some start early and stay all day, some spend a few hours with us, some are there solely to collect guests, some to drop guests back home and deliver meals, but critically all help is massively appreciated and we are now in a position that we know we have ‘fundamental staff’ available every year, including cooks, staff to help set up, clean down, to serve our guests, to collect our guest, drop them home afterwards and to deliver meals.

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